# Campaigns/month
How many campaigns are you 
starting every month?
# Operators
How many people are dedicated 
to your advertising operations?
# Platforms
How many platforms (ad-server, DSP, social, ad verification, audience measurement) do you need to operate for your campaigns?
Budget per month
What is the average budget 
(media + tech costs) for your campaigns?
Cost per headcount
What is the average salary for your 
advertising operations staff?
Performance uplift (%)
By operating your campaigns you can expect 
a minimum 5% performance uplift, 
and often more

Operation data

Yearly Ops Budget
200 000,00 €
Operations Optimisation
-55 %
Operations cost saved
200 000,00 €
Elium improves the whole execution process (trafficking, trading, analyze, optimisations, billing) and your productivity.
Time saved = operations cost saved

Media data

Yearly Media Budget
200 000,00 €
Media Optimisations
-25 %
Media cost saved
125 000,00 €
Because you will have more time, clearer data, adapted KPI and IA optimisations, you will spend less and will achieve at least higher results.
Higher performances = media budget saved


Be more cost effective and scale efficiently 
your digital media strategy, contact us!

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